Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement
Implementing Partner: 
World Voices Uganda
Sub-Project title: 
Deepening Community Access to Justice Project (DPCAJ)
Amount awarded: 
UGX 457,385,838
mai, 2023 - septembre, 2023

This sub-project aims to enhance access to justice for rural, vulnerable, and marginalized communities of Kakumiro, Kyegegwa, Kikuube and Kagadi districts in Uganda. Building on the results of the first phase of the sub-project, World Voices Uganda (WVU) is delivering a series of capacity development activities to informal justice actors on case documentation and reporting and to formal justice actors on the nature and operations of informal justice actors; organizing a strategy meeting with the Governance and Security Programme Informal Justice Working Group to fast-track the validation of standard Informal Justice Guidelines; and supporting formal justice actors in monitoring and providing support to the operations of informal redress mechanisms. In order to raise awareness on human rights issues and encourage community members to report rights’ violations and seek redress from justice institutions and informal justice actors, the implementing partner is conducting community sensitization and outreach activities on the topic; organizing radio talk shows on the role of community members in promoting justice; mobilizing local communities to participate in mediation sessions; and supporting Community Legal Volunteers (CLVs) and local councils in concluding cases. Finally, in order to enhance legal aid service provision at the community level, WVU is delivering refresher training to CLVs on emerging issues on access to justice; providing legal aid support to affected communities; and organizing a high-level regional stakeholders’ conference on linkages between formal and informal justice mechanisms.

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