Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement
Implementing Partner: 
University of Hargeisa Legal Aid Clinic
Sub-Project title: 
Access to Justice Project - Eastern Regions of Somaliland
Amount awarded: 
USD 773,500
septembre, 2021 - mars, 2025

This sub-project seeks to improve the social contract through increased legitimacy of justice sector institutions in Somaliland. With the aim of improving processes for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and increasing compliance with international human rights standards, the Legal Aid Clinic of the University of Hargeisa (LAC) is working with the ADR Unit of the Ministry of Justice to increase the protection, legal empowerment and access to justice for women and girls and facilitate dialogue between formal justice institutions on future collaboration with the ADR Centres established during the project. LAC is also delivering a series of training sessions on ADR mechanisms to paralegals and on gender-based violence (GBV) legal frameworks and advocacy skills to human rights advocates; conducting awareness-raising sessions on basic legal information, and access to legal, medical and psychological services for women and girls; and providing remote legal assistance to vulnerable people, including GBV survivors and internally displaced persons. The implementing partner is also supporting the direct involvement of citizens in accountability processes by organizing a monthly justice forum in each Court User Committee in Somaliland, bringing together formal justice chain actors with relevant community representatives, and by organizing court open days to improve transparency and public access to information.

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