Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement
Implementing Partner: 
Association Recherche-Action Femmes et Développement (ARAFD)
Sub-Project title: 
Projet de Promotion des Droits des Enfants et de l’Egalite entre les Filles et les Garçons dans la Commune Urbaine de Mopti
Amount awarded: 
XOF 31,923,750
janvier, 2023 - janvier, 2024

This sub-project sought to contribute to the advancement of gender equality and guarantee of children’s fundamental rights in the municipality of Mopti, in Mali. The Association Recherche-Action Femmes et Développement (ARAFD) organized a series of training sessions and dialogues on children’s rights, gender equality, prevention of gender-based violence and response mechanisms for school students, parents, teachers and women leaders of the community to increase their knowledge of the topic. The implementing partner also supported the establishment of school clubs and organizing a poetry competition among students to enhance youth’s involvement in gender equality and increase awareness of children’s rights. Finally, ARAFD worked to enhance coordination between key stakeholders, including criminal justice actors and civil society organizations, to ensure buy-in from the community and sustainability of the sub-project results.

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