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Montenegro: Further Steps Towards EU Compatibility

The EU has called on candidate country Montenegro to intensify efforts to consolidate the rule of law, fight organized crime and reduce corruption. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has meanwhile rated the overall quality and predictability of judicial decisions as below the regional average. The low capacity of the Montenegrin judiciary to adjudicate on commercial law cases is seen as an area of particular concern; it has been flagged as an obstacle to investment and a successful economic transition.

To help remedy this, more than 20 Montenegrin judges have taken part in a recent IDLO-convened course on company law. Bringing together international and Montenegrin experts, the course covered corporate governance, regulatory strategies, codes of best practice, directors’ remuneration and liability, shareholders’ rights, merger transactions, and policy-making in corporate law.

Participants described the course as important to their legal practice.