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IDLO contributes to the Forum on Belt and Road Legal Cooperation

On July 2, 2018, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China convened the Forum on Belt and Road Legal Cooperation to increase legal exchange and cooperation between the countries and organizations involved in the ambitious 'Belt and Road Initiative' launched in China in 2013. The Belt and Road initiative will seek to develop and boost economic and resource cooperation between countries and regions, by promoting further market integration and forging new ties among communities. IDLO’s contribution is to support the Belt and Road Initiative in the development and implementation of measures that uphold the highest standards of international rule of law, good governance and sustainability.

During her attendance at the forum, IDLO’s Director-General Khan highlighted that IDLO’s involvement will be fundamental to provide technical legal assistance and advance legal and policy reforms to support peace, justice, sustainable development and economic opportunity, along with other core objectives of the Belt and Road Initiative. Read her full statement here

China is a founding member of IDLO, having joined the organization in 1989.

Statement: IDLO DG Irene Khan's Statement at the Forum on the Belt and Road Legal Cooperation

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