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Afghan Attorney General addresses International Conference

A delegation from Afghanistan’s Attorney General’s Office (AGO) attended the 22nd International Association of Prosecutors Annual Conference held in Beijing from 10 – 15 September. It was led by Afghanistan’s Attorney General, Mr. Farid Hamidi, and the participation was facilitated by IDLO as part of its Justice Training Transition Program (JTTP), funded by the United States Department of State.

The delegation included the AGO’s Chief of Staff, Chief of Civilian Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office, Chief of Planning and Policy and Foreign Relation Department, and IDLO’s Deputy Team Leader.

The theme of this conference was “Prosecution in the Public Interest -  Facing the challenges and opportunities in changing societies”. While last year’s sessions focused on governance and case management, this year the emphasis is on digitalization and prosecution, urban populations and judicial cooperation.

In this context, Attorney General Hamidi addressed the conference to discuss Afghanistan’s efforts in combating radicalization, narcotics, money laundering and corruption.

The delegation from Afghanistan's Attorney General's Office at the International Association of Prosecutors Conference in Beijing. 

The Attorney General of Afghanistan reflects on the importance of providing justice for the people of Afghanistan.

The Attorney General of Afghanistan looks back to 2001 in Kabul to understand the complex justice needs in Afghanistan.