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The Rule of Law and Food Systems Transformation in the Sahel: Addressing the Conflict-Climate-Food Security Nexus

EVENT | Thursday, 16 September 2021 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm CEST

The Rule of Law and Food Systems Transformation in the Sahel: Addressing the Conflict-Climate-Food-Security Nexus

How gaps in the rule of law and governance in the Sahel region are undermining efforts to improve nutrition and tackle food insecurity will be the focus of an event hosted by the International Development Law Organization, IDLO on 16 September. The event on “The Rule of Law and Food Systems Transformation in The Sahel: Addressing the Conflict-Climate-Food Security Nexus” is part of the Independent Dialogues series to promote community engagement in the upcoming Food Systems Summit. 

The Dialogue aims to:

  • Identify ongoing rule of law initiatives to face main challenges affecting food systems and security in the Sahel, mainly land and soil degradation, low agriculture productivity, high prices, low employment opportunities, banditry, cattle theft, attacks on roads and markets, as well as illegal detention and other injustices committed by state agents.
  • Highlight priority areas, concrete actions and alliances for practitioners and stakeholders in the region to promote and strengthen a rule of law-based governance of food systems.
  • Explore how the criminal justice consultation frameworks can be used as a platform to enhance coherence among policies, laws and regulations related to food systems and to strengthen institutional capacities for the effective, accountable, transparent and just implementation.

Hon. Salifou Ouédraogo, Minister of Agriculture and Hydro-Agricultural Development and Mechanization of Burkina Faso, opens the event, which will be moderated by Mr. Ousmane Seye, IDLO Regional Manager, Sahel.


  • Dr Sekeyoba Léopold Nanema, Executive Secretary, Conseil National de Sécurité Alimentaire (SE-CNSA) - Ministry of Agriculture of Burkina Faso
  • Mr. Saidou Oua, Former Minister of Agriculture, Niger 
  • Dr. Cheik Oumar Ba, Executive Director, Initiative Prospective Agricole Rurale, Senegal

Main topics to be discussed

  • Rights to land, conflict and food insecurity
  • Access to justice and the right to adequate food
  • Impacts of climate change on food security and malnutrition

The Dialogue will be conducted in French.

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