Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

LEAHN Consultation on Police and HIV

IDLO is co-organizing a consultation on Police and HIV to be held in conjunction with the 2nd Law Enforcement and Public Health Conference in Amsterdam in October. The consultation is being convened by the Law Enforcement and HIV Network (LEAHN), and is being co-organized along with the Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health and Birkbeck School of Law at the University of London.

Once viewed as barriers to effective HIV/AIDS prevention among marginalized groups, police are increasingly being seen as allies in the fight against HIV/AIDS, working together with health programs and with affected communities of sex workers and drug users. To this date, police have been inadequately mobilized as a partner in the struggle in stopping the HIV epidemic, and this consultation aims to reverse that trend. The consultation will produce a statement, the Amsterdam Declaration, supporting better engagement of police as partners in the HIV/AIDS response.

Support for the consultation comes from AIDS Foundation East West, AIDSfonds, CoC Netherlands, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, Open Society Foundations, UNODC, WHO.


Read more about the discussions and download the report below. 

Watch the video from the consultation.