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Identifying Pathways to Achieving Access to Justice

Searching for the Cutting Edge: Identifying Pathways to Achieving Access to Justice at the National, Regional and International Level

On the occasion of the working visit of the Chief Justices from Africa to The Hague (7 July – 11 July 2019), the African Foundation for International Law (AFIL), the Hague Project Peace and Justice, the African Institute for International Law and the International Development Law Organization are honored to organize this interactive dialogue.

People and their communities seek justice, regardless of legal definitions, types of proceedings and divisions in customary, informal, and formal approaches. At the same time, national, regional and international justice mechanisms increasingly interconnect.

Starting from a people centered standpoint, and bringing together Chief Justices from selected African countries, practitioners, policy-makers, and academics, this dialogue aims to draw out cutting edge insights as to how to advance access to justice globally. The dialogue will draw from country, regional as well as international experiences as articulated by participants, particularly the Chief Justices.

This dialogue is organized on the occasion of the Chief Justices visit to The Hague, the global hub for thinking and sharing experiences in justice delivery. Here, national, regional and international approaches can be discussed in a safe environment, and the wealth of actors present in the peace and justice community can facilitate rich, cross-sector discussion and new insights. This event will be held under the Chatham Rule, and will lead to a report to be used in future efforts to realize access to justice for all, including within the framework of SDG 16.


2pm - 5pm CEST | Wednesday, 10 July, 2019 | IDLO, The Hague Branch Office, Hofweg 9E

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The concept note and agenda are available below.

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