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Assembly and Partnership Forum 2017 | Get Involved



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(Rule of Law for Development)

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#ROL4Peace     |     #SustainingPeace     |     #AccessToJustice



The Partnership Forum’s discussions and highlights on Sustaining Peace, Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities for the Rule of Law, will be shared across IDLO's social media platforms, and participants are invited to showcase their thoughts, commitment and support by visiting the event’s Social Media Corner (which will be located outside of the Plenary Room). 

The following social media activities are available:

Facebook Live 

Participants can answer questions either directly to camera or through interview format, streamed live to IDLO’s Facebook.

We would like to hear your thoughts on:

Q1. How does the rule of law support peace and development, and promote stable societies?

Q2. Do access to justice and the rule of law contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?


Participants can record a short video in the language of their choice, or share their thoughts in 140 characters with a photograph, which will be issued as a tweet on @IDLO.

Schedule a visit

You are welcome to schedule a visit to the Social Media Corner -  please contact IDLO's Digital Communication Manager: Matthew Bannon