International Development Law Organization

Investment Support Programme | STEP TWO: How to apply


We are currently accepting requests for assistance under the ISP/LDCs.

If you have considered 'Step one: Who is eligible?' and believe your entity is eligible for this programme, then please commence step two below by following the instructions to submit your request for assistance and related documentation. Please contact us for any questions or in case you need support in defining the content of the assistance request.




1. Ensure you have assessed your entity's eligibility by considering the checklists in 'Step one: Who is Eligible?'. If eligible then:

2. Review the 'Programme Document' below if you require more detailed information about the programme. 

3. Download and complete the below 'Information Questionnaire' that matches your entity type (1. LDC Government and State-owned Entity | 2. Private Sector Entity). The request can be initiated by submitting either the short or the long version of the Information Questionnaire. However, if possible, please submit the long version, as this provides more information for IDLO to assess your eligibility and assess your entity's needs in a timely fashion.

4. Similarly if you are already in a position to do so, please complete the below 'Declaration Form'.

5. Submit your completed 'Information Questionnaire' and any other documentation using the link provided below.

Outline of the assistance process:​​

Programme Document


Information Questionnaires


Declaration Form



1. LDC Governments and State-owned Entities

Short: Download | Long: Download

2. LDC Private Sector Entities

Short: Download | Long: Download








Please email your request for assistance via the 'submit' link below, by attaching your completed 'Information Questionnaire' and other documentation, along with your contact information.

In the email body, please include the following written information: Your First and Last Name | Organization Position Title | Organization Name and Country | Contact Phone Number and other Emails | Any additional information to support your submission.

Your email submission will be sent to:                            IDLO-ISP(at)