IDLO's customized and user-friendly electronic learning (e-learning) platform combines the best elements of experiential learning methodologies with online information technology. The combination of text, exercises, and interactive forums provides our participants with an engaging and personalized self-paced learning experience. Our e-learning courses are moderated by experts and emphasize analytical skills rather than just rote learning. IDLO's Course Administrator is available to support participants in technical and administrative matters.

What is E-Learning

E-Learning is training provided using the Internet. E-learning means moving away from the traditional classroom learning experience and into the learner's world. It means that participants can learn at any time and any place around the world. Generally speaking, E-Learning refers to the use of the internet to deliver learning or training programs. It means the participant can learn without geographical or scheduling barriers. It is learning that relies on the internet for accessing learning materials and interacting with experts and fellow learners. As a participant, you will be able to access our courses from any computer which has an internet connection (once you have registered on our LMS (Learning Management System). E-Learning offers a unique opportunity to interact with participants across the world, creating a network of experts with similar professional interests, from your computer.

Why Choose IDLO's E-Learning

IDLO has more than 20 years of experience in delivering training for adults around the world. IDLO provides lawyers, regulators and officials with practical skills for designing, maintaining and servicing market economies; improving legal frameworks; and building their professional capacity in commercial law and transactions, investment, development assistance and international trade. In 2002, IDLO expanded into offering policy dialogues and training seminars using videoconference facilities, supported by self-study posted modules on the web. As a consequence, in 2003, IDLO became a member of the World Bank's Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) which facilitates web-based learning and videoconference across nations and continents. In 2007, based on years of positive experiences with distance learning, IDLO decided to broaden the Organization's activities, introducing e-learning courses. With robust e-learning offerings IDLO effectively reaches out and transfers IDLO's substantive and skills training products to the wider legal community in developing countries, countries in economic transition, and countries emerging from armed conflict.

IDLO's E-Learning Methodology

In its E-Learning offerings, IDLO keeps the main features of its training methodology, proved to be successful from the past 25 years of training. The role of the facilitator/moderator remains essential for the positive outcome of our courses.

IDLO's E-Learning approach is based on four levels of interaction. At the first level, participants interact with the training content. At the second level, participants interact with other participants to share experiences, best practices and lessons learned. At the third level participants interact with an international expert who leads participants through various examples and practical case studies. At the fourth and final level participants interact with an IDLO moderator who assists and guides them throughout the entire duration of the course.

IDLO E-Learning courses are designed to create a networked learning environment, in which participants have the flexibility to learn at their own convenience and pace but also are able to interact with peers and experts through the communication tools facility.

Participants will acquire substantive knowledge and practical skills in a structured online learning sequence through case studies, online simulated exercises and sharing in-country best practices. They will also be provided with an excellent opportunity to enhance their social networking skills gained through an online e-learning course.

For general inquiries, please send your request to elearning@idlo.int or Contact Us